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Financing Notes Receivable

Financing Notes Receivable
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2014
Mortgage Note Receivable [Abstract]  
Mortgage Note Receivable
On March 13, 2014, our wholly-owned subsidiary, Corridor Bison, LLC ("Corridor Bison") entered into a Loan Agreement with Black Bison Water Services, LLC ("Black Bison WS"). Black Bison WS's initial Loan draw in the amount of $4.3 million was used to acquire real property in Wyoming and to pay Loan transaction expenses. Corridor Bison agreed to loan Black Bison WS up to $11.5 million (the "Loan") to finance the acquisition and development of real property that will provide water sourcing, water disposal, or water treating and recycling services for the oil and natural gas industry.
Interest will initially accrue on the outstanding principal amount of the Loan at an annual base rate of 12 percent, which base rate will increase by 2 percent of the current base rate per year. In addition, starting in April 2015 and continuing for each month thereafter, the outstanding principal of the Loan will bear variable interest calculated as a function of the increase in volume of water treated by Black Bison WS during the particular month. The base interest plus variable interest is capped at 19 percent per annum. The Loan matures on March 31, 2024 and is to be amortized by quarterly payments beginning March 31, 2015 and annual prepayments based upon free cash flows of the Borrower and its affiliates commencing in April 2015. The Loan is secured by the real property and equipment held by Black Bison WS and the outstanding equity in Black Bison WS and its affiliates. The Loan is also guarantied by all affiliates of Black Bison WS.
As a condition to the Loan, Corridor Bison acquired a Warrant to purchase up to 15 percent of the outstanding equity of Black Bison Intermediate Holdings, LLC ("Intermediate Holdings"). Corridor Bison paid $34 thousand for the Warrant, which amount was determined to represent the fair value of the Warrant as of the date of purchase. The exercise price of the Warrant, $3.16 per unit, was determined based on the value of 15 percent of the contributed capital of Intermediate Holdings as of the date of purchase. The exercise price increases at a rate of 12 percent per annum. The Warrant grants to Corridor Bison certain rights with respect to the management of Intermediate Holdings and Black Bison WS.