Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2022
Related Party Transactions [Abstract]  
As previously disclosed, John D. Grier, a director and Chief Operating Officer of the Company, together with the Grier Members, own an aggregate 50.62 percent equity ownership interest in Crimson, which the Company has a right to acquire in the future, pursuant to the terms of the MIPA, following receipt of CPUC approval for a change of control of Crimson's CPUC regulated assets. The Grier Members also retain equity interests in Crescent Midstream Holdings, LLC (“Crescent Midstream Holdings”) which they held prior to the Crimson Transaction, as well as Crescent Louisiana Midstream, LLC ("CLM"), Crimson Renewable Energy, L.P. (“CRE”) and Delta Trading, L.P. (“Delta”).
As of March 31, 2022, the Company is owed $170 thousand from related parties, including CLM, CRE and Delta and owes $14 thousand to Crescent, which are included in due from affiliated companies and due to affiliated companies in the Consolidated Balance Sheet. These balances are primarily related to payroll, employee benefits and other services discussed below. The amounts billed to CLM are cash settled and the amounts billed to Crescent Midstream will reduce a prepaid TSA liability on the Company's books until such time as the TSA liability is reduced to zero. As of March 31, 2022, the prepaid TSA liability related to Crescent Midstream was $410 thousand and recorded in due to affiliated companies in the Consolidated Balance Sheets. For the three months ended March 31, 2022 and 2021, Crimson billed TSA and Services Agreement related costs and benefits to related parties totaling $528 thousand, and $1.1 million, respectively.
Total transition services reimbursements for the TSAs discussed below are presented on a net basis in the Consolidated Statements of Operations within transportation and distribution expense and general and administrative expense.
Transition Services Agreements
The subsidiaries of Crescent Midstream Holdings, LLC were formerly a part of Crimson prior to the Crimson Transaction and received various business services from Crimson or certain of its subsidiaries. Effective February 4, 2021, Crimson, certain of Crimson's subsidiaries or a combination thereof, entered into several transition services agreements (collectively, the "Transition Services Agreements" or "TSAs") with Crescent Midstream Holdings to facilitate its transition to operating independently. Each of the TSAs are described in more detail below. Also effective February 4, 2021, Crimson and certain of its subsidiaries entered into an Assignment and Assumption Agreement to assign all of the TSAs to Crimson's direct, wholly-owned TRS, Crimson Midstream I Corporation ("Crimson Midstream I"). Crimson and/or certain of its subsidiaries were reimbursed approximately $156 thousand per month for services provided under the TSAs during 2021, for which the billed amount was allocated 50.0 percent to Crescent Midstream, LLC ("Crescent Midstream"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crescent Midstream Holdings, and 50.0 percent to Crescent Louisiana Midstream, LLC ("CLM"), a 70 percent owned subsidiary of Crescent Midstream. These TSA agreements ended on February 3, 2022 and Crimson entered into a Services Agreement for some of the business services previously provided as described below.
Employee TSA - Crimson and Crescent Midstream Holdings entered into a transition services agreement (the "Employee TSA") whereby an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Crimson provided payroll, employee benefits and other related employment services to Crescent Midstream Holdings and its subsidiaries. Under the Employee TSA, Crimson's indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary made available and assigned to Crescent Midstream Holdings and its subsidiaries certain employees to provide services primarily to Crescent Midstream Holdings and its subsidiaries. While the Employee TSA was in effect, Crescent Midstream Holdings was responsible for the daily supervision of and assignment of work to the employees providing services to Crescent Midstream Holdings and its subsidiaries. Additionally, Crimson's indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary Crimson Midstream Services entered into an Employee Sharing Agreement with Crimson Midstream I to make available all employees performing services under the Employee TSA to Crimson Midstream I. The Employee Sharing Agreement was effective beginning February 1, 2021. The Employee Sharing Agreement together with the Assignment and Assumption Agreement described above, effectively bound Crimson Midstream I to the terms of the Employee TSA in the same manner as Crimson's indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary. The Employee TSA and the Employee Sharing Agreement ended on February 3, 2022.
Control Center TSA - Crimson Midstream Operating, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crimson, entered into a transition services agreement (the "Control Center TSA") with Crescent Midstream Holdings to provide certain customary control center services and field transition support services necessary to operate a pipeline system. The Control Center TSA was assigned from Crimson Midstream Operating to Crimson Midstream I by the Assignment and Assumption Agreement discussed above. This agreement ended on February 3, 2022.
Insurance Coverage TSA - Crimson Midstream Operating and Crescent Midstream Operating, LLC ("Crescent Midstream Operating") (collectively, the "Insurance TSA Parties") entered into a transition services agreement (the "Insurance Coverage TSA") related to the remaining term of coverage on certain insurance policies which were shared by Crimson, certain of its subsidiaries (including Crimson Midstream Operating), Crescent Midstream Operating and certain other entities related to Crescent Midstream Operating (collectively, the "Insureds"). Under the Insurance Coverage TSA, the Insurance TSA Parties agreed to retain and maintain the certain insurance policies, and continue to split the premium payments among the Insureds in line with the historical practices prior to Crescent Midstream Holdings' spin-off from Crimson. By entering into the Insurance Coverage TSA, the Insurance TSA Parties acknowledged that any claims made which result in a loss by one of the Insureds will erode and may exhaust the shared limits and/or aggregates stated in any of the certain insurance policies. Additionally, under the terms of the Insurance Coverage TSA, it was agreed that the Insurance TSA Party which was directly responsible for any incident that results in any loss of coverage under any of the certain shared insurance policies may be primarily financially responsible for such self-insurance and/or covering any increase in costs of the certain insurance policy that occurred as a result of such incident. The Insurance Coverage TSA expired on May 31, 2021, and simultaneously, the Company, Crimson, and certain other subsidiaries of the Company obtained alternative insurance coverage effective through May 31, 2022. As of March 31, 2022, there is no relationship associated with the insurance coverage of the Company and its subsidiaries and Crescent Midstream Operating and its subsidiaries.

Services Agreement
Effective February 4, 2022, Crimson Midstream Operating entered into a services agreement (the "Services Agreement") to provide administrative-related services to Crescent Midstream Holdings through February 3, 2023, or upon receipt of Crescent Midstream Holdings' written notice to terminate the Services Agreement prior to February 3, 2023. Under the Services Agreement, Crimson and/or certain of its subsidiaries are reimbursed at a fixed fee of approximately $44 thousand per month.